Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update - Front and Back Yard Installations

It's been over a month since my last update about the outdoor installations in my back and front yard. The snow from last month is long gone. We got almost 10" of rain over three days last week that totally soaked these pieces as well as the rest of the state of Massachusetts. More rain is here again, with 2-3" expected.

Nine months into this experiment, here is the piece in my back yard. It's a little faded, especially the batik squarish parts that run top to bottom on both sides, and the back is bit dirty and a little mildewed. The clematis that grew on it is totally brown and dormant (as it should be this time of year), and needs to be cut back for spring growth.

The piece in my front yard is doing well. A little muddy from being outdoors for so long, but looking good just the same.

Monthly pictures of both pieces, from last summer through mid-March, can be seen on my website.

Both of these pieces are uncoated, quilted cotton fabric with cotton batting. My intention is to take these pieces down in late May at the latest, and to hopefully replace them with new work that is still fabric, but not quilted, that is coated with acrylic matt medium for more protection. This will also allow for both sides of the piece to have color. The quilted pieces outside now are white on the back sides.