Friday, January 22, 2010

New (Old) Paints

I just purchased many many bottles of Deka permanent fabric paint, from a woman in New Jersey who found me thanks to my blog. The bottles of paint are probably 20+ years old, like my paints are. They seem to last forever. Thank goodness, since they aren't available in the US anymore.

She sold me:

Pearl White Metallic (1 full quart new + 1/4 quart opened) YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Violet (gallon sized jar that is 1/2 full)
Light brown (95% of a quart)
Orange (gallon size bottle 1/2 full)
Santa Fe Aqua (gallon size 1/4 full)
Medium Blue (gallon size 1/2 full)
Burgandy (quart bottle 1/2 full)
Metallic silver (quart bottle 1/2 full)
Lavender (quart bottle 3/4 full)
Logwood purple (quart bottle 3/4 full)
Brown (gallon bottle size 3/4 full)
Light  Blue (gallon size bottle 1/3 full) 
... and six (variously full 8 ounce) jars of black!!!

I am so excited to have these paints, especially the pearl white metallic and all of the blacks! I used a small amount of the pearl white metallic yesterday on a new piece on cradled board, and I can't wait to use both colors soon.

The paints came in these five large boxes, and are now in two of them since the bottles don't need to be padded for shipping anymore. I have no idea who I'm going to store them at the moment. I REALLY really need to clean my studio and make a space for them.

I'm always searching for Deka Permanent Fabric Paints. If you're reading this, and have some you want to get rid of, please write to me at