Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekly Update - Front and Back Yard Installations

Our first winter storm dumped about 3" of snow on my front and back yard installations. I admit I've been curious about what they would look like after a snowfall, though I'm not too excited about winter weather.

In my back yard the snow covered the clematis, which still has leaves on it, as well as some of the top edges of the installation.

In my front yard the snow was lighter due to either the trees blocking it as it fell, or due to the way it blew during the storm. There wasn't as much snow on the ground around the piece, but there was a nice white coating on the top of it as you can see below.

I don't know if this snow will melt away before the next storm, or if the next storm will be rain or snow, but I'll post more pictures in a week +/-.

Beside here on my blog, you can see a few month to month pictures on my website.