Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekly Update - Front and Back Yard Installations

Another week, another update. My back yard installation looks the same from the front, but I just noticed it's getting green algae-like spots on the back side.

Note this picture of the back side. I don't know if the algae-like spots are only on the surface or are also in the cotton batting between the front and back fabrics. I think the fact that the clematis is growing on it and is lowering the ventilation around it is part of the cause. And, the back side does not get any sun on it like the front side does, and there's also the buckets of rain we've has this year.

My front yard installation is doing well. It has a little dirt and rust on the back side, but no green algae. This piece has much better ventilation since there aren't any plants growing on it.

Personally I don't mind that these pieces are getting dirty on the front or back. This is an experiment, and outdoor pieces in any material may break down or fall apart over time. It's hard to see behind the front yard piece above, but behind it is a lead handbag sculpture we purchased many many years ago. It is gradually being eaten by the squirrels. It used to be a stunning leather looking doctor's bag and now it's a skeleton of its self. I also have a few other sculptures in my yard that have been affected by nature, and that's part of its life. So far I'm considering this outdoor experiment a success. I'll keep posting about it to share and document it.

Beside here on my blog, you can see a few month to month pictures on my website.