Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weekly Update - Front and Back Yard Installations

My front yard installation is surrounded by fallen leaves.

Yesterday we had a bulky waste pickup ready in front of our house, and I was a bit of concerned because the pile of stuff to be picked up was REALLY close to it.

Because I wanted to make sure the DPW (Department of Public Works) knew it was to remain, I tied a sign to it. It also didn't hurt that I was home when they came for the pickup, so I went outside to make sure they saw the sign. I love our DPW. They assured me that they knew it was not for the taking. That was nice.

My back yard installation has some fallen leaves around it, and the grasses behind it are turning brown. The clematis leaves on it are still very green. I expect that to change shortly since cooler weather is upon us.

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