Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today's the Day

I'm hanging my solo show at the Hunt Cavanagh Gallery, at Providence College today.

The picture above shows what I'm planning on hanging where. It's not to scale, but I did the math, and it's close enough. Not shown on the map are the 10-12+/- 12 x 12 x 12's that I'm planning on hanging on the wall shown at the bottom of the paper. I am curious to see if my plan will work when we actually start hanging. I figure that the worst thing that can happen is that I brought too much work, not that I brought too little. I've been advised by a few friends not to over hang my show.

Yesterday My husband helped me make a sign and the labels for each piece. He breezed right though it because he's a Word whiz. Not me. If I had done it it would have taken me a few days. Thank you JO!

I made a list of everything I need to bring today:
monthly 12 x 12 series
Fence series
sign w/ name of show
stickers w/ names of pieces
list of work in show w/ prices and contact info (can be emailed)
book with PR, resume, list if work in show/prices, artist statement, etc
business cards
show postcards
step ladder
hammer, nails
sticks for Fence series and hangers for 12x12
curtain rod for the cut Fence piece
measuring tape/yard stick
guest book
iron and a towel
large bed sheet/roll of plastic sheeting
snacks, water