Friday, October 16, 2009

Set Up

I'm ready for Natick Artists Open Studios. Yesterday I loaded all of my things in my car, and brought them over to Virginia Fitzgerald's studio which is in a building with many other artists. My studio is in my house, and too out of the way for any Open Studio traffic.

First step was piling as much as possible on my antique hand truck, well it's not really an antique, but it was acting that way.

I figured out that the reason it was so hard to move is the small wheels are screwed up. Bummer!

When I finally was able to get the hand truck to the elevator, my next struggle was opening and closing the 'industrial' elevator doors. Yikes! Calling them heavy is an understatement. I managed two trips up and down and then decided that using the stairs was a lot easier than using all of my energy managing the elevator doors.

Note: I was an elevator operator for two years when I was in art school. It was the best paying job at school, and I was able to convince school administration that a woman elevator operator would not be a building security risk in center city Philadelphia in the mid 1970's. The manual elevators I ran had very heavy doors, but nothing compared to the doors I opened yesterday.

I am borrowing (using?) this corner of Virginia's studio. This is what some of her work looks like.

This is the rack of sweaters all set up, with Orange Construction Fence Series #63 hanging above.

Here are some 12" x 12" and 6" x 6" mounted pieces from various series, hanging with a 2010 calendar. Not shown is a table with more 6" x 6", as well as many 3" x 3" pieces, my book, some greeting cards, and postcards for my solo show at Providence College (which I'm hanging in a week).

I will be hanging more Orange Construction Fence Series pieces, which are quite large, on the walls outside of Virginia's studio, and in the studio of the artist next door. She was most kind to offer me some wall space.

Natick Artists Open Studios are this weekend, Saturday October 17 and Sunday October 18, from noon-5pm each day. If you're nearby, stop by. It's supposed to rain all weekend. Come see some art and brighten your day!