Saturday, October 10, 2009

Project Runway - Wedding Dress Redesign

We watched Thursday night's Project Runway last night. The challenge was called "A Fashionable New Beginning" (episode 8), which was a redesign of actual wedding dresses.

It was another good Jeanne challenge, seeing that I've spent the last number of months redesigning used sweaters. If I was on the show, I would have loved this challenge! I immediately had a lot of ideas.

Some of the designers did a good job, but I think it was difficult for many of them. I found it interesting that when they were picking the wedding dress to redesign, they all felt that the more fabric on the dress, the easier the challenge was going to be for them. I didn't necessarily think the more fabric the better.

An example is the dress in the upper left picture. The designer who was working on this dress struggled and struggled on it because it was the slimmest wedding dress in it's original form. I thought she could have taken the bottom part of the dress that she cut off, and used it to create layers on the skirt, if she wanted to make it fuller. I also thought it would have been a great opportunity to use disperse dyes to change the fabric color, but maybe she didn't know about them, or maybe none were available. And, as she was complaining about how to change it from being a totally white dress, I kept saying to the TV, "use stitching." I'm glad she eventually figured it out.

See all of the designs.