Thursday, October 1, 2009

Labels for Sweaters

The name labels for my sweaters arrived, after quite a printing delay and a lot of confusion on the label maker's part. Not to happy about that, but it is what it is.

This was the label I wanted but it was discontinued mid order (after they printed 22 of them) and I had to go with the one at the top of this post instead. I actually wanted to print my own custom label with my logo, but it was too costly, and there was a 1000 piece minimum everywhere I looked.

As anyone who has read this blog over time, or has read my book The Uncommon Quilter, you know I love the back of woven clothing labels. This is what the back of both of the labels look like. Nice!

My consolation prize for the printing delay was receiving 200 labels instead of the 100 I ordered, even though I really only need 35-50. I now have two packages as per below. Guess I have a lot more sweaters to make so I can use these up, and if I don't do that, maybe I'll make a collage with them. :)