Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Disappointing News

Many artists have been following the Shepard Fairey copyright lawsuit with AP. There was new news announced on Fairey's website on Friday, and this article sums it up: "Artist Admits Using Other Photo for ‘Hope’ Poster," by Liz Robbins in the NY Times on October 17, 2009.

Quoting from the article:

"Shepard Fairey, the artist whose “Hope” poster of Barack Obama became an iconic emblem of the presidential campaign, has admitted that he lied about which photograph from The Associated Press he used as his source, and that he then covered up evidence to substantiate his lie." Read more.

And in the article "‘Hope’ Poster Artist Defends Himself, " by Stephanie Goodman, also in the NY Times on October 18, 2009:

"Mr. Fairey said the issue had been weighing on him, The Post-Gazette reported. “I’m very disappointed with myself over this," he said during an hourlong Q. and A. session about his career and influences." Read more.

He's not the only one who is disappointed.