Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly Update - Front and Back Yard Installations

Here is an update of my front and back yard installations.

In my back yard is Fence Installation Series #1/16. The diagonal view shows how wild my yard is right now with the Clematis about to bloom and the Queen Anne's Lace going to seed.

The Clematis is growing all over this piece. It is starting to flower though it's hard to see in this picture.

This is a back view. It's easier to see the Clematis against the white.

In my front yard is Fence Installation Series #1/22.

The picture above shows how the upper edges of this piece are curling over after being rained on numerous times. Next time I make an outdoor installations, I'll place the piping closer to the top and edges.

This is a view from the back, showing the curling edges and some rust form the pipes.

More updates soon. Especially when the Clematis is in full bloom in the backyard, which should be any day now.