Saturday, September 26, 2009

Project Runway - Newspaper as Fabric

I'm catching up on watching Project Runway Season 6. I didn't realize we were 2 weeks behind, so last night we watched "Newspaper as Fabric" (episode 5) from a week ago. I LOVED it!

I think that the designers did a great job. Sewing newspaper is not an easy task. It can rip very easily, and a lot of attention had to be made so the newspaper clothing wouldn't tear when the model was wearing it.

There were "looks" created by the twelve designers, and I have to say that even those that weren't as good as the better ones still had interesting things about them. Even the design that sent one designer home had some interesting things about it, when you looked past the problems. My four favorites are shown here in this post. See all twelve of the designs.

I hope to catch up on episode 6 this weekend. Can't wait.