Friday, September 25, 2009


I got an email last week from a woman who wrote to me from Illinois, seeking information about fabric paints other than the Deka Permanant Fabric paints she still had. Apparently she found my older blog posts about Deka, and she reached out.

Deka stopped selling fabric paints in the US quite a long time ago, and she was interested in finding out what paints are now available that are similar. I wrote back to her to tell her some options, and she kindly wrote back saying she wanted to send me some of the Deka fabric paints she wasn't using anymore, no charge, not even for shipping. It was an incredibly sweet offer, and who was I to say no?

The picture above shows the six bottles she sent me, before I took them out of the box. I'm always happy to get more Deka paints! Thank you very much Dana!

I am still searching for metallic white or black Deka Permanent Fabric Paint. If you're reading this, and have some you want to get rid of, please write to me at