Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sweaters Update

I've been making progress on the sweaters I'm redesigning. While I didn't get as many done last week as I had hoped, but I did get 8 done, minus the buttons and attaching custom name labels (more on that below). Actually, I have to do the buttons on 15+ sweaters, but the hardest part is the redesign. Buttons can be done any time.

These is what sizes I've done to date (more or less):

PM - I
22/24 - I
34 - I
XXL tall - I

I've done about 25 in total. I have 20+ left to do in various sizes, plus one commission, and I need to buy XL and 2X sized sweaters, because I need more larger sizes in my offering. I'm going to try to get as many sweaters done as possible, before October when I'll be doing Natick Artists Open Studios, on October 17th & 18th, and some trunk shows to follow.

As for the name labels, I have some ideas for the name of this line. One in particular is my favorite (at the moment), but I'm not going to announce it until I've made my final decision, registered the domain name, designed the label, and etc. A few people suggested names on facebook, after I asked for help. If you have any name ideas and want to share, please write to me at

Shown at the top of this post is a sweater I finished a few weeks ago. It used to be a pullover, and is now cardigan. It's a size Woman's 22-24, 100% wool, felted center placket, neck and placket edged with orange lace, 2 front pockets, hand covered fabric buttons.

I'm also considering buying a mannequin or dress form to not only use for display of the sweaters, but so I can see what they look like as I work on them so I don't have to try them on constantly. Most don't fit me, and it's also really hot and itchy to do the in the summer heat. If you know of any that are for sale and are inexpensive, please write to me.