Friday, July 10, 2009

Providence Solo Show Show Postcard

Despite reading Gallery Card as Relic? by Roberta Smith on June 23rd in the NY Times, I just ordered postcards for my solo show at the Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery at Providence College, in Providence, Rhode Island.

The name of my show is "Off the Fence," and one of the things the gallery requests is 200 postcards for their mailing list, so I had to make cards anyway. I figured between their request, the fact that I can give many away when I participate in Open Studios on October 17th and 18th here in Natick MA.

Postcards are one of the ways to reach people who are not on my email list, and who don't read my blog, twitter posts, my personal facebook page or facebook fan page.

Thanks to Modern Postcard having a few summer promotions so I was able to order the postcards for a reduced rate.

If you would like me to mail one to you (US readers only please), please send me an email: