Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekly Update - Front and Back Yard Installations

Every week since I installed them, I post weekly updates of my weekly front and back yard installations. Both have been rained on just about every day this past month, since they've been outside. A very rainy June in eastern Massachusetts, and in New England in general.

In my back yard is Fence Installation Series #1/16 as shown above. I'm enjoying how it seems to fit in so well around my plantings.

The clematis that is growing on the wooden structure next to this piece, is growing on my installation now. What a nice compliment from nature. This is a picture of it from the front side ...

... and this is a picture of the clematis from the back side. It's basiclally leaning on it right now. I wonder if it'll start to grow through the holes.

In my front yard is Fence Installation Series #1/22, as shown above.

It's a little floppy in the upper corners but you would be too if you got rained on a lot, and you were a piece of fabric.

There are some rust stains on the back top, from the black plumbing pipes that have been rained on at least once a day just about every day this past month.

There is a little rust on the front bottom left corner ...

... and here is what the rust looks like in the bottom right corner on the back side. This picture also shows what I think is splashed mud on the whole bottom. I don't think this is mildew because there's similar mud spots on the black piping below this piece, and there's a lot of dirt on the ground under it, unlike the backyard piece that has a lot of greenery and some mulch.

Another update in a week. Just so you know, rain is forecasted every day this week through Friday.