Friday, June 19, 2009

Solo Show!

It's official! I'm going to have a solo show at the Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery, at Providence College in Providence RI, from October 6 - December 4, 2009.

The gallery is HUGE! Two 23' walls, two 12'6" walls, two 13' 1" walls and two sides of a 5' 10.75" partition that's 8' high.

One part of me is a little intimidated by the size, and the other part is REALLY excited. I have a lot of recent work that I've never had a opportunity to show, I'm making new work, and I'm also reworking older work while thinking about creating an installation. I don't have any doubt that I can easily fill the gallery. I'm going to go visit it as soon as I can, so I can better understand the space.

Things to do in preparation are: choose the name of the show, pick an Opening date/time, figure out gallery sitting hours (if I want to the gallery be open on any weekends), create more work, plan which already created work I want to show, plan the layout of the show, design a postcard, write a press release and send it to the media, send notices to arts professionals and friends, etc. A lot to do. Plenty of time to do it (right now).

I recently asked Facebook friends, and twitter followers, for suggestions for the name of my show, and these are what has been suggested to date:

- Off the Fence
- How to be Fab
- View Through the Fence
- Under Construction; Don't take Of-fence
- Don't Fence Me In
- Tangled Fences

Off the Fence is my favorite so far. It has many meanings, especially since I print off of orange construction fences. If you have any suggestions, please send a note ASAP. My email address is