Saturday, June 20, 2009

Art at the Andrew Bird Concert

Last night I went to an Andrew Bird concert in Boston. If you're not familiar with his music, do check him out. I really enjoy his music, and his brilliance in creating it. Here is more info about him on wikipedia.

I'm always looking for the visual art in life, whether it's on purpose or it just happens, and I had a few nice examples at the concert.

One is that on stage at the concert there were two very beautiful horn speakers, and one double horn speaker, that Andrew Bird commissioned, and used on stage. The picture in the corner of this post shows one of the two large speakers, this one being over eight feet tall, and the picture does not do these pieces of equipment any justice. If you have a minute, do click the links to see them. They are beautiful!!!!!

The other visual art was the stage lighting, and the ceiling lighting a few times. Below are a few pictures of the ceiling. I love the grids, and the shadows of the grids.