Thursday, May 28, 2009

Front Yard Installation

I installed "Fence Installation Series #1/22" in my front yard on Monday. This piece is one half (vertically) of what was "Orange Construction Fence Series #22," which was made in 2003.

I love how the sun shines through the holes I cut in the piece ...

... and what it looks like on the street, in front of it.

Here is the back view.

And what it looks like at night.

The bottom bar is attached so that it can move with the wind. The top bar is fixed. This piece is more banner-like compared to the stretched and rigid "Fence Installation Series #1/16", which is installed in my backyard. I'll post pictures of how #1/22 is put together ASAP.

Both of my outdoor installations are experiments to see what will happen over time to mixed media/fiber as it lives in nature. Will the paint stay the same or fade, will the fabric hold up or fall apart, what else might happen? My plan is to document both "Fence Installation Series #1/22", and "Fence Installation Series #1/16" every Monday for the next year, and post them on my blog to share what's going on.