Friday, May 22, 2009

Cluny lace

I discovered that the lace trims I have from my husband's grandmother's sewing supplies, that I've been using on some of the sweaters I'm working on, is called "Cluny lace." I never knew the name of it. Here is the definition:

Cluny lace –noun
1. ivory-white bobbin lace made of strong linen or cotton thread.
2. a machine lace, usually of cotton, copied from it.

After some research, I found an online resource for vintage Cluny lace, and have ordered three different colors, each on 144 yard spools. They were very reasonably priced, so I cancelled the bottom two laces I ordered at the The National Stationery Show shown on my post this past Wednesday, which were a little pricey and weren't exactly what I was looking for.

I'm very excited to have vintage lace to use as I work on more sweaters. I'll use the black and ivory a lot. The yellow, not as much, but the price was right. I wish the other colors I found were also inexpensive. They had green, purple, blue, brown, and some other colors, but they were double the price. Sigh.