Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shepard Fairey / ICA Boston

I went to see the Shepard Fairey show at the ICA in Boston on Sunday. There are many reviews on the web already, which I highly recommend reading, if you don't already know about this show.

As a mixed media/fiber artist, I was very taken by Mr Fairey's use of collage for a base for many of his prints. He beautifully collaged newspaper, printed paper that looked like wall paper, and other printed papers, and then printed on top of it. The prints and textures from the paper collage can be seen through the prints, and it made his prints come to life more than the prints on plain paper. I loved it. There were also some of his paper stencils, which were sewn to paper, and then framed. The texture of the stencils, compared to the paper behind it, with the subtle stitching, was wonderful.

I was also glad see the "Obama Hope" piece, which is, I'm guessing, about 7 feet tall. Maybe 6 feet. We've all seen copies of it, but small, and I had no idea how large it really is. Very moving. Also moving is a letter to Mr. Fairey, from President Obama, in a display case not far from this print, that thanked Mr. Fairey for creating it.

If you're in or near Boston anytime before the show closes on August 16th, do take the time to see the show.