Thursday, April 23, 2009

Returned Portfolios

I send my portfolio out to museums and galleries that I think might be appropriate matches for my art work. Sometimes they are interested and sometimes not. Sometimes I get my portfolios back and sometimes not.

Last week I got two of my portfolios returned. One I had sent to a local art museum a few months ago. They sent a very nice note saying they didn't think I was a good fit. The second portfolio was one that I sent to a college art gallery in December 2005. I had written that one off long ago, but there it was in my mailbox, in my SASE. Inside the envelope was another nice note, and an explanation about it getting lost in the shuffle, but also saying no thank you.

From October to December 2005 I sent my portfolio out to eight galleries and museums, and to date, I have only received three of them back. That's sort of a bummer because at that time I sent 20 slides, which are costly, versus sending a CD, which I do now. It's still a bummer not getting portfolios with CDs back, but at least my cost is lower.

In December 2006 I sent my portfolio to a college art gallery, who got in touch with me in late December 2008, which was a good lesson learned about not giving up hope. This gallery has offered me a one person show, but I'm not going to announce where it is until I have a confirmed contract. Hopefully that will happen soon.

My message here is twofold. One, don't give up hope about hearing from a gallery or museum you've contacted, even if it may take months or years. Two, don't take art rejections personally. What one venue might not feel is appropriate, hopefully an other will.