Saturday, April 4, 2009

Arts Jobs Lost

I try to keep this blog positive, but had to post this. It's important to pay attention to what's going on in the economy and the Arts.

It's not a good time for Arts jobs. Here's some of what's going on in eastern Massachusetts:

"MFA exhibiting signs of the times, Museum lays off 33, will freeze pay starting next year" by Geoff Edgers on on April 3, 2009. Quoting from the article:

"Reeling from the recession, the Museum of Fine Arts today laid off 33 workers, about four percent of its staff, and announced it will freeze salaries across the board in next year’s budget. .... Along with the 33 staffers laid off, the MFA won’t fill 21 vacant positions – bringing the total cuts to 54 positions."

"“This is a terrible, terrible time for arts organizations across the country,” said Melissa Berman, president of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors in New York. “Lots of very generous people are really focusing whatever giving they can manage on basic human services: Food, shelter, health care. Arts organizations often get left out.”" Read more.

Also in Massachusetts:

"Staff jobs at Rose Art Museum in Waltham uncertain" by Lisa Kocian on on April 2, 2009.

"Rose exhibitions are closing on May 17, 2009; no future exhibitions have been planned; Rose staff jobs are terminated on June 30, 2009." Read more.

Learn more about what's going on in the Arts in Massachusetts by watching this video with Anita Walker, executive director of the Massachusetts Cultural Council: "Mass. giving less to charity?." There's more discussion in this video than job losses and giving. It also talks about the Federal Stimulus money for the Arts.

This is in Switzerland, not Massachusetts, but more Art job losses:

"UBS stops 'art banking' for rich clients" by the Associated Press on 04.01.09. Quoting from the article:

"UBS AG, the Swiss bank hit hard by the financial crisis, said Wednesday it has closed its "art banking" department, which helps rich clients buy and build collections. ..... Read more.

And, read "UBS, Art Basel Sponsor, Will Close Swiss Art Division" by Carolyn Bandel on April 1, 2009 on