Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make Me a Super Model

I watch very little TV, but I have to admit that I miss watching Project Runway, which is tangled up in lawsuits. No one knows if/when the next season will air.

I wouldn't normally watch Make Me a Super Model (also on Bravo TV), but my son knows one of the models, so what the heck.

The third episode was last night, and I have to admit I'm really enjoying the show. Not only is it interesting to learn a little about the modeling industry, but the clothes the models wear on the runway are temporary filling the Project Runway void.

I have no idea who made this line of sculptural clothes the models wore last night, but I like them. I wish I was able to find better pictures of the entire line, but this will have to do for the time being.

So who is the model I'm rooting for? Colin (upper left in the picture above). He has no previous modeling experience, is a pre-med student, and is my son's friend. That translates to, he's not going in to this with an ego problem, he's wicked smart, and he's a good guy. Good luck Colin!