Thursday, March 26, 2009


Healthy hands are really really important. I've had my injuries over the years, mainly to my left hand, which is not my dominant hand.

On January 10th, when returning home from seeing "Who Does She Think She Is?", at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I fell in our driveway when getting out of the car. Our driveway is historically icey in the winter, and this winter was the worst it's ever been in 21 years of living here. The house blocks the sun all day, and in mid-January we had as much as 3-4" of ice covering most of the driveway.

My left ring, middle and pointer fingers were slightly injured in the fall, but not enough to seek medical attention at the time. Barely any swelling, and no bruising. About six weeks later, they started to hurt, and now 10+ weeks later it really hurts, especially my middle finger.

It takes quite a while to get seen by a doctor when you're not in crisis, and today I finally saw someone. X-rays show no breaks, but there is tendon/ligament damage. Similar to a hand injury one might get when playing basketball, when fingers get bent back.

I'm wrapped up to keep swelling down and to restrict movement, and I have a hand therapy referral, which I hope will be scheduled ASAP.

Thank goodness I'm a righty, thank goodness for health insurance., and thank goodness this isn't getting in the way of making art. Typing hurts, but not painting, printing or stitching.