Sunday, February 22, 2009

Repairing/Patching Clothing - Part 2

After repairing one of two pairs of my husband's jeans near the front pocket (I have no idea how a hole was made there!) on December 2nd, I repaired the same pair again a month ago, on both knees. I placed a piece of black denim behind each hole, as a patch, and I used black thread to make the repair, with what I call "scribble stitching", by sewing back and forth over the hole and the patch material.

I patched this knee then (above), and again a few days ago, when I added another patch above it (below).

I feel other worn spots that will need patching soon, on this same knee.

Repairing these jeans is a little to save money, but mostly because they are really soft, and my husband loves wearing them. It's fun to do this for him.