Monday, January 19, 2009

Movie: A Man Named Pearl

This blog is about art, and how it intersects with our lives, so I bet you're wondering why I'm posting about a movie you've probably never heard of, called "A Man Named Pearl."

A Man Named Pearl is documentary about Pearl Fryar, from South Carolina, who is a self taught topiary artist. He totally transformed his 3 acre property in to a wonderland full of amazing plants that he sculpted all on his own, with no prior knowledge about topiary.

Pearl's influence on the people who come in contact with him, and on his town, is very inspiring! What a wonderful person he is! Watch A Man Named Pearl, and learn about the art exhibit he was invited to have at a nearby art museum, and how the museum describes this work and the challenges of having an art exhibit with live plants vs art as most people "know" it. Also learn about how the small South Carolina town he lives in, has grown thanks to his art. You will not be disappointed.