Monday, January 26, 2009

Collecting Art

I really enjoyed reading "Perfect Vision" by Ben Hoffmann in W magazine's November 2008 issue.

It was about Max and Dorothy Vogel, who are (non-traditional) art collectors from New York City. He was a postal worker, and she was a librarian, and over many decades, they managed to collect a thousand original works of art by many very important artists, and that are worth millions of dollars.

There's a documentary about them called "Herb and Dorothy," which I hope to get to see sometime in the near future. (Check out the website to read their sweet and interesting story, and to see a picture of them.)

They donated their collection to the National Gallery of Art, in Washington DC. Because the National Gallery doesn't have room to house everything they collected, there is a traveling show called "Fifty Works for Fifty States," which will make part of their collection accessible to every state in the US, since many people aren't able to visit the National Gallery. Check it out.