Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thank You

There can be good and bad things about blogging, and the internet in general, but the kind networking of others is what I like best. I'd like to thank the following bloggers for mentioning Small Art Showcase. I created the site to help network of a group of artists who are trying to sell their work.

Thank you very much (in no particular order) to:

Tracy Helgeson
The Fine Art Department
Pittsburgh Arts - Digging Pitt
Making A Mark
Natalya Aikens
Susan Constanse
Cecily K
Ruth Rae
Takeyce Walter
Liz Massey
Virginia Fitzgerald
Elizabeth Barton
Lisa Call
Kim Morin Weineck
Deidre Adams
Self Taught Artist
Uppercase Woman

If I missed anyone, I apologize. Please send me your link and I'll add you right away.

I'd also like to thank YOU for reading my blog, and also say thanks to everyone who is linked to it. I very much appreciate it.

(The picture in this post if of a ceramic birdhouse my family bought a very long time ago. If I remembered the name of the artist who made it, I'd mention it, but her name escapes me. It's given us great pleasure, not only for its beauty, but also when a bird family puts it to good use. And, it looks pretty cool when it's got snow on it.)