Friday, December 19, 2008

Construction Fence

As we brace for the first of a possible three snowstorms to hit Massachusetts in the next few days, I wanted to post a picture of a roll of (green) construction fence that's in my backyard. The picture above is with snow from a previous light snowfall, and below is what it looked like before the snow. I love how the snow gets in all of those nooks and crannies.

If it's at all visible after we get our possible 8-12"+ later today (from storm #1), I'll try to take another picture. That's if I'm not exhausted after all of the shoveling.

For anyone reading this post, who does not know me, I use construction fences to create monoprints with, to use in my art work, and I have a number of series that are appropriately named with the fence theme.

Here's the history of this roll of fencing:

This past summer, I went for my afternoon walk as I usually try to do. Apparently a neighbor put some items outside with a FREE sign a little while after I walked by their home.

Another neighbor, knowing I use construction fences to print off of, loaded this huge roll of green construction fencing in her car, and drove it a block over to my house.

Comparing the size of this roll to others I have in my "collection," I'm going to guess that there are 100 yards on this roll.

I don't need this much fencing, and I don't have the space for it. As you can tell from the picture above, it's currently living in my back yard. If you live near Natick, Massachusetts, and would like a few dozen yards or more (after the snow has melted off of it), please email me at