Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 Weekly Mixed Media Project

Above is the front side of my 51st Weekly Mixed Media piece this year, and below is the back. One more to go in this series of fifty-two.

I have to say that I like both the front and the back sides this week. Maybe the front a little more because it's got more texture and contrasting color. The back does look like an abstract painting. There were only a few weeks in this series that I liked the back sides almost as much as the front sides.

This week I used scraps cut from pieces created in previous weeks. Instead of placing the scraps in an organized way before felting them together ahead of time, I picked the pieces out, and felted them, one by one. No advance planning. It was much easier to work this way because I couldn't forget what went where, and as things shifted in felting, it didn't matter.

You can see the 51 pieces already created in my 2008 Weekly Mixed Media serieson my website, and read about it here on my blog.

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