Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tweaked Sweaters part 2

This is a Banana Republic pullover sweater, from the sale rack many many years ago, that I just tweaked from a pullover into a cardigan. Above is the buttoned up view, and below unbuttoned. (Please note that this is a black and gray wool sweater, not the black with blue/purple. The light in my studio wasn't very good when I photographed it.)

I'm tweaking my sweaters because I find wearing pullovers too warm at this stage of my life. Being able to unbutton at a moments notice is important these days.

I needle felted white wool fleece squares for the button holes, on a strip of black wool fabric, so it has a nice contrasting graphic element. Then I stitched it to one side of the opened sweater. Detail pictures above and below. (The other side of the opened sweater has plan black fabric attached.)

I tweaked a few other sweaters a few weeks ago. You can see them here. I have another one I'm about to sew buttons on, and will post soon. A few years ago I tweaked 4 or 5 others, and will try to take pictures and post ASAP.

I discovered a blog called "Wardrobe Refashion", and on it is a post by someone else who has also "revamped" her sweater from a turtleneck to a cardigan. It's fun seeing what others are doing to their clothing.