Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Deka Paints

As I've discussed before, my favorite paint to use is Deka Permanent Fabric Paint, which is no longer available for sale in the US. A very nice woman from Alabama found my blog post on July 27, 2008 or May 3, 2008, and wrote to offer to sell me all of her left over Deka paints.

She had three dozen plus bottles in a wide range of colors. Most bottles are full, and the rest half full. Some of the colors I would never use, so I didn't buy them, but I bought all of the colors I do use, which is about two dozen bottles. She didn't have any metallic white, my most favorite color, but she did have a full bottle of black, my second favorite.

I am very thankful that this woman found me, and that I have many new paints to use over the years. She was incredibly nice, and was the best box packer I have ever done business with. She taped every bottle, and wrapped it in plastic, and then protected them well in the box with newspaper. There was absolutely no leaking in transit, which is more than I can say for some art supply companies I have done business with.

I've been referring other Deka Paint users to her, and hopefully they can use the remaining colors.

If anyone reading this has any metallic white, or black, Deka Permanent Fabric Paint to sell, please write to me at I will be forever grateful.