Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Professional Development as an Artist

I recently participated in a program called the Artist's Professional Toolbox, that is run by the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston.

This program is for practicing artists, and is designed to teach the skills necessary to help us work on our career goals, learn about copyright and trademark laws, contracts, financial planning, preparing portfolios, how to approach galleries, etc. Review the Curriculum. Read the FAQ.

I heard about the Artist's Professional Toolbox when it began in 2005, and again in 2006, but I couldn't fit it in my schedule. I could this past year. A friend of mine took part in this program the year before I did and said it was really wonderful, so I was very excited to have been accepted.

There were 30 artists in our class, of various ages, geographic locations in eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, art medium, and various levels of experience in the art world. I made quite a few new art friends, who I network with just about weekly, even after the class has ended.

When ever I hear about a really interesting program or grant, that I think would be something I might want to participate in, it's usually in a different state or region, and I'm not eligible. I am really glad (and proud) that the Artist's Professional Toolbox is in Massachusetts, and that I was able to take part in it. Many thanks to the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston for providing the opportunity!

The class schedule includes a 1 1/2 day retreat at the beginning, and then it meets just about every other week, at night. The next course is from mid November 2008 through mid June 2009. The charge is minimal (which can be paid in full at the beginning or in three installments) and scholarships are available.

For any artists in the Boston area or southern New Hampshire, who are interested in participating, the application deadline is on October 20, 2008.