Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some Interesting Reads About the Art World

There was a thought provoking article in the NY Times Magazine, "New Looks", by Rob Walker, that was published on August 3, 2008. The Times offers a blurb about what it's about "An art entrepreneur makes his way into a new realm -- the art world."

The article is about street artist Brian Donnelly, also known as Kaws. A few quotes from the article, to peak your interest:

"One thing Donnelly had not done until lately, however, is forge a relationship with a dealer or art gallery. This wasn’t because he shunned or had a problem with the traditional gallery system. He says it’s just that “nobody asked.”"

"It seems odd that someone already making a good living as an artist is only now being introduced to “the art world,” but Donnelly’s story may say something about the different ways creative work can acquire value these days."

"So why bother with galleries at all? Winkleman notes that it remains much harder for artists who operate outside the art-world structure to end up in museum collections, which is still seen as “the quintessential validation” by many."


In my readying for this post, I checked out Mr. Winkelman's blog, and thought his post about the NY Times Mag article was also interesting, so be sure to read "Selling Solo vs. Working with a Gallery." Also worth reading, including the 63+ comments in response, "Tuesday's Aside : Investing in Yourself."

One, one page magazine article led to many interesting things to read, and to think about.