Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Motorcycle Art, and Lace

My neighbor got a new motorcycle, and I love the design painted on it! He's had it for a few weeks, but I only recently got to take pictures of it. When I was taking them, his brother (proudly) told me the design was spray painted through lace, which I knew immediately when I first saw it. (Hence my interest.) And, the fact that it's black and white, how could I not like it?!

Here's a detail of the front. and back. Pardon me for not knowing the names of the parts. I know absolutely nothing about motorcycles.

Lace must be making a comeback. There was a lot of it in the New York Times Women's Fashion Fall 2008 magazine recently. I'm not sure how long this link will work, but features called "Veiled Threads," and "Black Widow" are some examples of lace in today's fashion. (For both links, click on "Images Index" near the upper right side of the page to see a good example of what's in the magazine. If the links don't work, click on "The Images" near the top left, right under the banner.)

I especially liked an Alexander McQueen dress they showed, that has black lace peacocks mirroring each other, over a white strapless dress. In looking for the picture, I found that Alexander McQueen has MANY beautiful lace dresses for Fall 08. Check it out. Very inspirational.