Monday, August 11, 2008

Art with fiber - on exhibit at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston

There are some pieces in the exhibit "A Woman's Place", at the Bromfield Gallery, in Boston MA, that have fiber in them.

Sherry Autor, "From Where I Sit," acrylic, charcoal and fabric.

Catherine Evans, "She Was on Fire," acrylic polymer on rubber, red wire on surface, mounted on box.

Cheryl Murphy, "She is," installation of bras and life objects.

Virginia Fitzgerald, "Cast," plaster tape, chicken wire, wreath frame sculpture.

Also, my piece, "Skeletal Fence Series #5," mixed media on fabric.

For more about this show, as well as thoughts about about women's issues and art, read Mo Ringey's blog entry.

This show is open through August 23, at the Bromfield Gallery.