Saturday, August 9, 2008

Art in Beijing - At and Near the Olympics

If you didn't get to see the Opening Ceremony on TV at the Olympics last night, try to find a way to see it. If you can't find video, then these pictures from the NY Times show snapshots of what you missed. The pageantry was beautiful! 15,000 people participated in the creative part of the event, and many times there were 2008 people per segment dressed in beautifully designed costumes what were dyed, stitched, draped, and etc.

There's more than the Olympics going on in Beijing. There's a very strong art community there. Here's an overall description about the 798 Art Zone.
Also check out these web sites: Beijing's 798 Arts District, 798 Space, and Art Scene Beijing.

I'd love to be in Beijing, to not only see many Olympic events, but to also see the art.