Thursday, July 10, 2008

Steal This Box!!!!

I have had my share of concerns when receiving shipments of my art work back from exhibits over the years. Many times my work has been thrown in a box, with no plastic wrap to keep it clean and dry. One time it was rolled in red tissue paper, which would have been horrible if there was any moisture in the box. Twice my shipments have been delivered to the wrong street address in my town, and one of those times the homeowner had the nerve to open the package and use my work as tablecloth instead of trying to find me so I could have my work back. Oy vey.

Last week, I got a piece back from a Gallery that will remain unnamed. They had a picture of my piece, along with the title and size, taped to the OUTSIDE of the box. They might as well of had a sign on the box that said "Art work inside - Steal this box!!!" Luckily, nothing happened, but it could have been a disaster.

Every artist I know, especially fiber artists, knows DO NOT advertise that there is art in your shipment! Now to help make sure all galleries and museums know this too.