Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Deconstructed Printing

I'm on "vacation" this week, making art in a friend's basement, with a group of friends. It's fun to be able to be creative, participate in good discussions, and eat wonderful food during the day, all within a mile or so of your home, and be able to sleep in my own bed at night.

My main goal was to rework up to 12 cut up parts of a large piece I created a number of years ago, but really didn't like. I was able to work on a few of them yesterday, but I also learned how to do "deconstructed printing" on fabric. I couldn't even begin to explain it, but Elizabeth Barton has a good explanation about it on her blog.

I think the last time I touched a silk screen may have been in 1977. All of my current work is monoprinted and painted.

The image I chose to print with was a (green) construction fence. No surprise for anyone who knows my work. I wanted to see how the fence would turn out with this process. Below are pictures of my fabric, after being printed, while the dye was still wet.

The deconstructed part is (I think) how the fence image is going away, after many prints. I think I did 8 all together, but these 4 are a good example of what I did.

Now I have to wait a few days for the dye to bond with the fabric while wet. Then I let the fabric dry, and after that, wash out the the extra dye. I decided to document the wet fabric because it's possible that the fabric won't look very good after I wash it. At the very least, I have some nice pictures, but I'm hoping for up to 8 nice pieces of printed fabric. If successful, I'll post my results in a few days. If unsuccessful, but with enough contrast, I'll also try to post.

While I wait for the next step in the deconstructed process, I'll continue to rework on the cut up pieces I mentioned above.