Sunday, July 20, 2008

Art with Fiber - on exhibit at the Danforth Museum of Art

On exhibit at the Annual Members' Juried Exhibition at the Danforth Museum of Art, in Framingham MA, open until August 3, 2008, artists whose artwork has fiber as a main or important element:

Catherine Evans, "Tough Love", 2008, latex paint on rubber (bathmat) with copper, and "Primordial Revisited" 2007, mixed media.

Catherine Carter, "White Line Grid", 2008, acrylic, fabric, and paper on canvas.

Beverly Sky, "Early Spring: Dragonflies and Iris", 2007, fabric collage.

Susan Lozoraitis, "White Apparel", 2008, acrylic on recycled gown and canvas.

Carol McMahon, "Faint Fluttering", 2008, rice paper with ink over found needlework and acrylic.

C-J Stevens, "Yellow", 2005, glass seed beads.

Mario Kon, "Icarus", 2008, wood, carved, stained and cut.

Nan Tull, "Midnight Morning", 2007, encaustic on board.

Abbie Powers, "Mona [misunderstood her role, steps out for the evening], 2007, cffee filters, newspaper, string, eyelets, zipper.

And, my piece, "Orange Construction Fence Series #50", mixed media on fabric.

(Read my post about the 2007 show.)

Also, on exhibit, Cora Roth : Nothing Twice, from July 2 - August 3, 2008 in the Swartz Gallery as part of the New England Current Series. While her paintings are created with oil, acrylic, and (sometimes) glitter, they look like huge weavings, and will be of interest to both those interested in painting, and fiber.