Monday, May 12, 2008

T-shirt Redecorating

My son introduced me to, which sells a different t-shirt design every day. When they have a shirt that I like, I try to order one, since they only cost $10.00 (and shipping is free if you're not in a rush to receive it.) One day they had something called "Random Shirt", where shirts could be ordered for $6.66, but you had no say in what design you would receive. I thought I'd give it a try. Such a deal. Actually I ordered two.

One of the two that came was a grey shirt with a polar bear and penguins on it.** The t-shirt was not a design I'd wear, but why give away a grey t-shirt?

I decided to cover up most of the design with some brightly colored t-shirt fabric that I bought in New York City many years ago. The fabric has way too many patterns on it, and my fabric shopping friends were surprised that I bought it, but I saw its potential. I used pieces of the fabric when I created Orange Construction Fence Series #26, #27, and #28.

When I was planning the design for redecorating my t-shirt, I thought sewing rows of the circles was another way to put this fabric to good use. I purposely left space between the rows so a little bit of the design could be seen. My sewing machine did not like sewing on stretch fabric, so I had to stitch over and over the same fabric sections, but the finished product looks fine (especially for a t-shirt).

I also should note that the shirt was really really long, so I cut a few inches off of the bottom. T-shirt fabric (usually) doesn't unravel, so all you have to do it measure and cut, keeping in mind that the cut edge might roll a little, so you need to cut a little less that you really need removed.

**I would show an original picture of the t-shirt, but I don't post images of work that isn't mine, because of copyright issues, unless I have the written permission of the artist.