Sunday, March 2, 2008

Women of the Cloth

Orange Construction Fence series #28 is on exhibit at "Women of the Cloth", at the Art Gallery, Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, MA, from March 6 - April 18, 2008. Because I live outside of Boston, I am very excited to have work on exhibit in the Boston area, something that does not happen that often. If you are nearby, I highly encourage you to visit this show. The other Boston area artists included in this show are extremely talented, and I am honored to be included.

The name "Women of the Cloth" makes it sound like this is a religious show, but it is not. The entry guidelines stated "Work that explores the play on the term, Women of the Cloth, as examples of the individual artist’s faith journey, expressions of personal or collective spiritual dimensions in art making, and ritual, ceremonial, or liturgical objects will be highly considered, as well as, works that embody feminist issues, ethics, and theory."

Here is my entry statement:

"I submitted my work for consideration to Women of the Cloth because of the feminist issues I think about as an artist every day.

As a woman who works with fabric, I am more than aware of the feminist issues surrounding the art I create. I paint and print on fabric, and then I stitch it, which technically means I am creating a quilt. I very often feel pigeon holed as a quilt maker, but my work is more about the printing and painting than the quilting. The only reason I quilt my work is because I like the bas-relief that is created when it’s stitched or quilted.

As a baby boomer who grew up caring about the role and rights of women, I am constantly questioning why I work with fabric. The fact that I LOVE fabric keeps me going, though it limits me professionally many times."