Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Art and Math

Since posting about Art and Math on March 8th, and since a certain family mathematician is home for his spring break from college, we had a really nice family field trip to a show called "ART AND MATH" at the Axiom Gallery in Boston MA, yesterday. Quoting from the gallery's website, "Art and Math explores the artists use of mathematical concepts in sculpture, photography, and new media", and is on exhibit through April 27, 2008. If you're in the Boston area while the show is up, do visit it.

If you can't visit the show, you can view photos of the exhibit on flickr, +/or check out the artists websites: Bathsheba Grossman, J. Michael James (sorry, I couldn't find a link to him), Keith Peters, Nathan Selikoff, and Kevin Van Aelst.

I am an art person, not a math person, and I really enjoyed the show. The work is very good art-wise and math-wise, and can be enjoyed by viewers young and old, math inclined or not.