Thursday, December 13, 2007

Valentine in Process

I started working on my Artist's Valentine yesterday, because I received a box of fleece that I had ordered. I spent a few minutes making a felted valentine, with my new needle punch machine. (The whole process is really fast!) The picture above is one side of the felt, and the picture below is the other side.

The felt will be incorporated with some monoprinted fabric of an orange construction fence. Late last night I figured out what I want to do, and if I wasn't so tired, I would have stayed up REALLY late and worked on it.

Coincidentally, I saw an art friend at a holiday dinner party last night, right after I had made the felt. He not only asked me if I knew about The Artist's Valentine, but he told me that last year he actually got a small grant from the money raised by the Valentine sale. He also said that the juror also shares comments about what they think about the work submitted for the grant, and it was really helpful.