Monday, December 3, 2007

Helvetica (the Movie)

Last night I saw the movie, Helvetica. It tells the history of the typeface Halvetica, how it is used today, and there are interviews of designers who either love Helvetica or hate it.

In the mid/late1980's, I worked as a type designer for a few years at a company called Interleaf, which is no longer in business. My job was to create different typefaces for Interleaf's software, for the monitor and for printing. Many of the things I learned about designing type came back to me when I watched the movie.

I can't remember the exact quote, but one of the designers interviewed said he loved grids because "grids make order out of chaos", or something like that. Even if I can't remember exactly what he said, since I use grids in my work, I could relate to what he said. I just wish I had paused the movie to write it down. Oh well.

If you are interested in design, type, visual communication or whatever, I suggest that you see this movie.