Sunday, November 18, 2007


I love large construction projects. The grids of the windows and walls, and the application of siding, inspires me.

There is a condo project in progress in downtown Natick, Massachusetts, where I live. I have been waiting all summer for this part of the project, when the insulation is on the outer walls, and the the siding is about to go on, or part way on. I will post updates about the progress, as I can. I look forward to using the images as inspiration toward future art work. When I print the construction fence for this piece, I'll print the holes in it vs the fence itself, because the holes can be the "windows" of the image. Below is the top printed section of Orange Construction Fence Series #20, to explain what I mean.

See more pictures I've taken of inspirational buildings in progress here, here, here, and here.