Monday, October 1, 2007

Dryer lint

I'm posting dryer lint once a week for the countdown to the October 9th publication date of my book The Uncommon Quilter.

Dryer safety is very important. I clean my lint trap out after a few loads, not every one. If it is about to get thick and dense, I clean it immediately. Some would argue that not cleaning it after every dryer load is dangerous, but my understanding is what is most dangerous is the lint that accumulates in the vent. (To learn about dyer safety click here.)

If you clean your trap after each load, you can still have fun with your dryer lint. Carefully remove the lint from the trap. Lay it on a flat surface, and add layers of different colored lint on top of each other as you accumulate them. In The Uncommon Quilter, I have a project called "Dryer Lint Sandwich" (shown above) on page 133. The instructions explain how to cut through the different layers, and make a quilt with it. This quilt is made of three very thin layers of lint. Light grey is on the bottom, bright blue in the middle, and black is on top.

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