Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I promise that my blog will not turn into a blog only about movies. But, being someone who likes to watch movies, I can't help share a good one with others. I recently saw the movie 10 mph. It is a documentary about a few guys (and their traveling companions) who road a Segway from Seattle to Boston in 100 days. The fastest Segways can move is 10 miles per hour, hence the name "10mph".

There are four reasons I enjoyed this movie. The first is because I have not had the opportunity to go across the USA by car or train yet (going by Segway is not something I'd want to do), so seeing various parts of their trip was of great interest to me.

Second, the journal aspect of this trip was inspiring. Plan a long trip. Quit your tech day job. Go on the trip, and deal with the every day issues involved in traveling (money, car and Segway break downs, etc). See beautiful +/or interesting places. Meet interesting people. Make a movie about it. Become film makers.

Third, the still photography, and the video, were both wonderful. Who ever shot the images had a great eye. The video showed beautiful scenes of the route they traveled, and the still photography showed barns, stone walls, fences, and other images that I found very inspirational.

Fourth, I loved the art work used to set up the story, and in between scenes. Great paintings!

All of the quilts in my book The Uncommon Quilter, are from my seven years of making a small quilt a week, which was my journal. I'm very interested in how people journal their experiences. 10 mph was a video journal, and I really enjoyed it!