Monday, April 9, 2007

Work over the railing

I have a very small studio space in my home, and when I'm finishing or finished with any larger pieces, I have no where to put them until they are ready to be stored or sent to shows. Because of that, I hang them over the railing on the second floor of my house. The other day I was reading Lisa Call's blog and had to smile when I saw she does the same thing.

These six pieces are finished except cutting the threads on the back, and sewing a sleeve on the back of each one (something I always seem to procrastinate doing). I had them photographed last week, and hope to pick up the slides on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then I'll post them on my blog and on my website.

PS added later in the day..... I got a nice email from Karen Stiehl Osborn who said she also hangs her work over her railing, that her house guests enjoy looking at what she's working on, and that it's "almost like part of the décor".